We consulted with the Alustra team to identify the needs and desires for the digital brochure. We explored and presented several options for the format of the Digital Brochure. After analyzing the user audience, and balancing the budget requirements, we determined an iBook would be the best solution. Our goal was to create a rich user experience, incorporating video, call outs, photo galleries and flexibility. The user is able to easily navigate through the brochure, to see the products. We created interactive functionality to show the before and after scenes with the product. This is really is impactful showing the difference the Alustra product makes in a home. We created touch points within the product photos, which provide more detail about the functionality or options of each product. The Digital Brochure clearly shows the benefits and features of the products. Finally, we wanted to showcase all of beautiful imagery Alustra has.The overall goal was to create a Digital Brochure that is easy to use and full of content.